About B Local Asheville + WNC

Asheville is known for its progressive culture and support for entrepreneurship. Surrounded by abundant natural beauty, the area draws passionate people with a wide range of innovative ideas for products and services. We want to see the region become a hive for Certified B Corps, businesses that are willing to walk the talk of sustainability, diversity, and community.

Our mission is simple:

Grow the number of certified B Corporations in WNC.

B Local Asheville + WNC was formed in 2018 to catalyze the growth of  a values-led business community. We see B Corp certification as a commitment to transparency, community, service, inclusion, and fairness. The more companies in the area that make this commitment and uphold the standards of third party certification, the greater the positive impact our business community will make. To achieve wide impact across our region than we can make alone, we have come together to support companies considering B Corp certification through events, mentorship, and resources. We’d love to hear from you!

B Local Asheville + WNC Leadership

Steve Linton

Steve Linton

Committee Chair

Deltec Homes

Michael Whelchel

Michael Whelchel

Outreach Chair

Big Path Capital  
Adrianne Gordon

Adrianne Gordon

Events & Communications Chair

Davis Financial Planning

Our Members

Certified B Corps based in and around Asheville, NC

Certified B Corps based elsewhere with operations in the region

These organizations are not certified B Corps, but non-profits who support our mission to grow the B Corp community.

Are you a B Corp based or operating in WNC? We’d love to add you to this list! Contact us.