Wanna be a B Corp?

Great! We’d love to have you join our community of changemakers.  Our Become a B Corp page has more information on the certification process. The B Local community is here to support you on your journey! 

B Corp Certification Support

We are a group of volunteers from area B Corps committed to growing the B Corp community in the Asheville area. To support those working towards certification, we provide:

Educational sessions – B Corp Information Sessions and Boost Your Progress Work Sessions to answer questions and help connect you with others working on certification as well.

Connection to students – Writing policies, drafting supplier or employee surveys, and gathering data are great learning experiences for students. We have connections with some colleges and universities with classes in sustainability or entrepreneurship.

Informal BIA Review – If an existing B Corp is in a similar industry and has capacity, we can review your B Impact Assessment.

Resource Library – We maintain a resource library of sample policies, example surveys, etc that are publicly available. Please note that since we not part of B Lab Global, we can’t guarantee that these resources will be accepted for your certification. The assessment tool gets updates from time to time and not all of our resources will be appropriate for every size company, industry, etc.

Support & Insight – We do our best to answer questions, share new resources as they become available, and encourage those working on B Corp certification. We know the work involved and want to help however we can.

 As volunteers, we do our best to offer all of the above throughout the year, but there may be times not all of these offerings are available. Sign-up for our newsletter to find out what we’re offering and reach out to us if you have any specific questions or needs. 

B Corp Certification Resources

The B Corp Handbook 2nd Edition by Ryan Honeyman and Tiffany Jana

This Google Drive folder contains various templates and examples of policies and team handbooks from Ryan Honeyman as well as other resources B Local Asheville + WNC has collected.

B Lab offers a robust Resource Library. Here are a few or our favorite resources: